The Fine English China of San Claudio was a ceramics tableware factory located in the north of Spain founded in 1901. For more than a century, San Claudio was internationally renowned due to its pioneering underglaze decoration techniques.

In 2009, the factory shut down because of a significant drop in sales and strong competition from Asian countries in the ceramics sector.

The performance and installation » …Take care… “ takes place in three scenarios inside the remaining ruins of the factory: the kiln room, the storage room, and the raw material room. The chosen material to work with is plaster bandages that are applied in strips on the inferred ground as a healing process, recording the particularity of the moment.

The performance purpose is not to go to the factory and mitigate the illusion of catharsis in search of more or less interesting leftover objects, but to observe and understand the circumstance surrounding the scenario, understanding the place as a «convalescent» space where an appropriate treatment needs to be applied.